A look at SBAAC standings, schedule, playoffs, leaders


The high school football season is in week 9 and while there are some things pretty clear at this point, there is still plenty to play for in 2022.

Here is a look at the SBAAC standings, playoff situations and leaders.


American Division


Western Brown^7-1^3-0



New Richmond^6-2^2-1



National Division





Clermont NE^2-6^0-2

East Clinton^2-6^0-2

This Week’s Games

Wilmington at Western Brown

Blanchester at Tri-Village

Clermont Northeastern at East Clinton

Clinton-Massie at New Richmond

Bethel-Tate at Williamsburg

Goshen at Batavia

Next Week’s Games

Wilmington at Clinton-Massie

Blanchester at East Clinton

Western Brown at Batavia

Dohn Academy at Bethel-Tate

Williamsburg at Clermont NE

New Richmond at Goshen


The top 16 teams in each of Ohio’s 24 regions will play in the post-season this year. The top eight teams will host a first round game.

Div III Region 12: Western Brown is third and has clinched a post-season berth regardless of the results of the last two games. The Broncos can score big points this week against Wilmington but won’t change much in the finale against Batavia. New Richmond is seventh and control its playoff destiny with Clinton-Massie and Goshen in the final two games and could host a game if things fall right. Wilmington is 12th and gets a Week 11 game with wins over Western Brown and Clinton-Massie. To host in playoffs, WHS needs two wins and some help.

Div IV Region 16: Clinton-Massie and Bethel-Tate are both on the outside looking in at this point. Even with wins over New Richmond and Wilmington, the Falcons need help. The Tigers will get good points against Williamsburg this week with playing Dohn Academy in Week 10 won’t help.

Div V Region 20: Blanchester is eighth at this time and will get in with two wins and an 8-2 finish. There’s still hope for the Wildcats to host a game and a win against mighty Tri-Village this week will go a long way in that process.

Div VI Region 24: Williamsburg is fifth and regardless of finish the Wildcats are in. Hosting a game in that region means possibly facing a team with a losing record, so a 2-0 finish would be good for WHS.


Passing: (1) Drew Novak (WB) 2,594 yards, 25 TD; (2) AJ Metzger (NR) 1,985 yards, 26 TD; (3) JJ Miller (Wbg) 1,559 yards, 25 TD. Also, Michael Mulvihill (BL) 972 yards, 10 TD

Rushing: (1) Thad Stuckey (WIL) 1,116; (2) Michael Mulvihill (BL) 976; (3) Caydn Denniston (WIL) 879. Also, Brody Clutter (CM) 691, Logan Chesser (CM) 632, Dameon Williams (EC) 648

Scoring: (1) Zachery Chisman (WB) 19 TD; (2) Michael Mulvihill (BL) 17 TD; (3) Bryce Sipple (BL) 13 TD. Also, Thad Stuckey (WIL) 11; Dameon Williams (EC) 9; Brody Clutter (CM) 9; Caydn Denniston (WIL) 8

Receiving: (1) Matthew Frye (WB) 972 yards; (2) Max Mehlman (Bat) 742 yards; Also, Bryce Sipple (BL) 419 yards

All-Purpose Yards: (1) Zachery Chisman (WB) 1,288; (2) Dameon Williams (EC) 1,213; (3) Thad Stuckey (WIL) 1,116. Also, Michael Mulvihill (BL) 976; Logan Chesser (CM) 930

Tackles: (1) Jack Moore (NR) 124, (2) Chase Pickard (WIL) 92, (3) Nolan Darnell (BT) 87; (4) Josh Snell (WIL) 77; (5) Adran Baker (EC) 66. Also, Gavan Hunter (CM) 65, Michael Mulvihill (BL) 64, Luke Achtermann (WIL) 60, Darrick Perdue (WIL) 51

Tackles For Loss: (1) Darrick Perdue (WIL) 18, (2) Luke Achtermann (WIL) 11, (3) Malachi Cumberland (WIL) 10.5; (4) Josh Snell (WIL) 9, (5) Tristan Malone (BL) 9, (6) Michael Mulvihill (BL) 6, (7) Chase Pickard (WIL) 5.5. Also, Sebastian Smith (BL) 5, Chasen Allison (BL) 5

Interceptions: (1) CJ Boothby (CNE) 6. Also, Miles Theetge (CM) 3, Michael Brown (WIL) 3, Brady Russell (CM) 3, Luke Achtermann (WIL) 3, Sammy Roush (BL) 2, Jonathan Custis (WIL) 2, Glenn Peacock (EC) 2

Fumble Recovery: (1) Austin Huff (WB) 4, (2) Bryson Schutte (WIL) 3. Also, Josh Snell (WIL) 2, Dustin Trace (BL) 2, Luke Achtermann (WIL) 2

Kicking: (1) Jonathan Custis (WIL) 29xp, 3fg, 38 points; (2) Ean McGuinness (CM) 22xp, 4fg, 34 points


By Mark Huber

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