Clinton County showcased at American Farm Bureau Convention


From Jan. 6-11, five individuals from Clinton County Farm Bureau attended the 2023 American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Convention in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Clinton County Farm Bureau won a County Activities of Excellence award and was able to showcase its efforts at the AFBF Convention trade show.

This year, AFBF received more than 143 entries across all membership categories, with only 24 activities nationwide being selected to win a County Activities of Excellence award; 11 of those activities that were selected were from Ohio.

Representing Clinton County at the American Farm Bureau annual convention and trade show were organization director Ashley Rose, president Christine Shanholtz, Larry Shanholtz, Craig Cook and Belinda Cook. While on this trip they had the opportunity to discuss and explain with other local and state farm bureaus from across the nation how their mental health benefit for farmers program has helped their community.

Clinton County Board President Christine Shanholtz said, “I was so proud to represent Clinton County at the convention. Our programming was well received and many other states took our information and would like to do the same. I was so pleased to have American Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall stop by the booth. He had a great understanding and appreciation for our farmers’ mental health. I am looking forward to seeing what our board has planned this year and hope our members find value in our programming.”

About the winning program

Clinton County Farm Bureau officials said they realized it’s been a rough couple of years between overreaching regulations, severe weather during planting/harvesting season, unsteady markets, and pandemic pressures. The county also recognized that the most important asset of the farm, business, and home is the person operating it.

Clinton County Farm Bureau partnered with BetterHelp – the world’s largest therapy provider – in extending an additional layer of support to members and their loved ones by providing access to professional counseling anytime and anywhere. Through this new benefit, members were able to receive one free month of counseling to use in 2022. If more counseling is needed, members receive 15% off monthly BetterHelp sessions. This program will continue in 2023.

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