Orange Frazer book on Burrow to be released soon


WILMINGTON — Published by Wilmington’s own Orange Frazer Press, the new book, “From Bulldog to Bengal: The Joe Burrow Story Through the Eyes of His Hometown,” will be released this spring.

Written by Scott Burson and Sam Smathers, the book tells the story of the enchanting Joe Burrow and how he has come to be one of the most celebrated quarterbacks in the NFL, according to a press release from the downtown Wilmington publishing company.

This book covers all of Joe’s on-field high school, college and professional accomplishments. But more than anything, this book focuses on Joe’s hometown relationships and how growing up in Athens County formed him into the person and leader he is today.

More than 60 people from Joe’s hometown of Athens, Ohio — from Joe’s many coaches, to close friends, family, and teachers — were interviewed to help the authors paint a picture of the guy all Bengals fans want to sit down and have dinner with. Burrow is competitive but kind, fierce yet fun, tenacious and thoughtful, focused but friendly. He’s magical yet somehow down to earth.

“As the radio voice of the Bengals, I am always looking to learn more about Joe Burrow and what makes him tick. Who am I trying to kid; like every Bengals fan, I am dazzled by Joe Burrow and can’t get enough information about his rise to NFL stardom. The authors do an exceptional job of tracing Burrow’s path from Athens to Cincinnati,” says Dan Hoard, the radio play-by-play voice of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Copies of “From Bulldog to Bengal” can be ordered online at or by calling 937-382-3196. For media inquiries, contact Sarah Hawley of Orange Frazer Press at 937-382-3196.

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