Head Start to host Children’s Art Auction


WILMINGTON — The Clinton County Head Start program will be hosting the Children’s Art Auction between April 3 and 6 through its Facebook page. The winner will be announced on April 7. All proceeds will go directly back into the program and benefit the children Head Start services.

Teresa Borden, Head Start director, told the News Journal the inspiration for this came from a pilot version they did last year.

“It was received very well,” said Borden. “It was an idea I had seen done in other places. We talked about the artwork we had and some businesses wanted to display it.”

All the artwork is done by the kids in the program. The art will include paintings and sculptures.

Borden told the News Journal the way the auction will be conducted is Head Start will post the art pieces on April 3 and people can comment their bids on the individual photos. The top bidder will be chosen on April 7 and then delivered to the winner. Borden added that the paintings will be framed.

The Head Start Program is based on the premise that all children share certain needs and that children of low-income families, in particular, can benefit from a comprehensive development program to meet those needs.

The money raised from the auction will go toward programs and activities for the kids.

“I know parents will be invested (in the auction). I know parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles will be happy to be involved,” said Borden. “A lot of Community Action people are supportive and I know they’ll bid. We hope to see other community members be involved.”

For more info on the program and the auction, visit facebook.com/ClintonCountyHeadStartProgram

Reach John Hamilton at 937-382-2574

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