All roads lead to Ralph’s American Grill


Residents are invited to celebrate the weekend and watch the games at Ralph’s American Grill. A tribute to the trucking industry, Ralph’s American Grill serves up Americana-inspired meals across separate breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Introduce your appetite to mouthwatering, chef-crafted items, including custom-blended burgers, artisan sandwiches and steaks, appetizing soups, and salads and pastas, according to a news release. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Ralph’s American Grill has prioritized locally-sourced products and maintains one of the largest collections of craft beer in Clinton County, as well as a variety of bourbon-centric hand crafted classic cocktails. Whether dining indoors, or in the newly added indoor-outdoor seating area which debuted on St. Patrick’s Day weekend, guests can enjoy game-day on multiple, flat-screen TVs. Likewise, the completely renovated restaurant space will host specialty-themed culinary events throughout the year.

“Ralph’s American Grill is all about having a great experience and our team is committed to creating a special atmosphere for people to have excellent food and have fun,” said Michael Leitz, general manager of the Roberts Centre.

Ralph’s American Grill takes its name from Ralph L. “Larry” Roberts Sr., founder of family-owned trucking company, R+L Carriers. In 1965, Sr. started the fledgling moving business right here in Wilmington with just a single truck. Now, R+L Carriers boasts nearly 20,000 tractor trailers, with a global transportation and logistics network and an employee base of 18,000 nationwide.

The historical and locally commissioned décor honors the legacy of trucking, sporting a full-size NASCAR stock car, an authentic R+L trailer repurposed as a buffet, various historical signage and an entire wall of vintage die-cast collectables. Even the telephone number; the original business line for R+L Carriers in 1965, was re-obtained and now 937-382-0298 is the landline for Ralph’s American Grill. Just like the transportation industry is ingrained in Southwest Ohio’s storied heritage, it’s also significant to the restaurant.

“We have a tremendous amount of appreciation for everyone involved in this effort,” said Greg Bronner, R+L Carriers VP of marketing. “Our cross-functional team consisted of designers, copywriters, project managers, the R+L Trailer and Fabrication Shop, culinary experts, local historians, and the construction group, Diverse Building Solutions.”

“The engagement and experience brought to the table has created something very special for the community of Clinton County and those passing by 71 who might make their way through the front door,” added Bronner.

Ralph’s is located at 123 Gano Road in Wilmington, adjacent to the Holiday Inn at the Roberts Centre.

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