2023 Spring Preview: East Clinton High School softball


Aaron Elliott is in his second season as the head coach of the East Clinton softball program.

The Astros were 2-16 last season. He will be assisted by junior varsity coach Olivia Wolffe.

There are eight returning starters from last season’s very young squad, who went 1-11 in SBAAC National Division play.

Chloe Scott (152 K, 109 IP) was first team while Aubrie Simpson was given honorable mention. Other key returnees are Savannah Tolle, Taylor Barton, Megan Hadley and Cheyenne Reed.

“All of these girls bring an unmatched energy and attitude to the softball program and I’m looking forward to an exciting season,” Elliott said.

Necomers of note are Novalee Dotson (freshman), Kailin Childers (freshman) and Rylee Kempton (freshman).

Elliott said Megan Tong, Emilyi Peacock and Lydia Kessler are the top players not returning to the program in 2023.

“This team is full of surprises,” said Elliott. “As a young and inexperienced coach last year, they caught me off guard in a variety of ways with jaw-dropping moments on the field — good and bad — welcoming me into this program with open arms and showing me a (strong) drive.”

Elliott said several of the Astros are engaged in vocational programs at Laurel Oaks, off-campus college courses and other extra-curriculars, and performing exceptionally well.


March 25^Dixie^H^11a/1p

March 27^Bethel-Tate^A^430p

March 29^McClain^H^5p

March 30^Wash CH^A^5p

March 31^Massie^H^430p

April 1^E Brown^A^11a/1p

April 3^Fairfield^H^5p

April 5^Clermont NE^A^430p

April 6^Ripley^H^530p

April 7^Georgetown^A^430p

April 8^Whiteoak^A^11a/1p

April 10^Blanchester^H^430p

April 11^Wilmington^H^430p

April 12^Felicity^H^430p

April 14^Williamsburg^A^430p

April 17^Bethel-Tate^H^430p

April 18^Miami Trace^H^430p

April 19^Lynchburg^A^5p

April 21^Fayetteville^H^5p

April 24^Clermont NE^H^430p

April 26^Georgetown^H^430p

April 28^Blanchester^A^430p

April 29^Batavia^A^11a/1p

May 1^Felicity^A^430p

May 2^Ripley^A^530p

May 3^Williamsburg^H^430p

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