WHS girls, boys sweep Hurricane Field Relays


WILMINGTON — With a solid showing across all events, Wilmington won both the boys and girls competitions Saturday in the Hurricane Field Relays at Alumni Field.

Competing in damp, rainy conditions, WHS was first in the girls meet with Miami Trace second and Clinton-Massie third. Massie was runnerup to Wilmington in the boys meet. East Clinton was fifth on both sides.

Zeth Cowin of Wilmington had the best individual toss among all boys shot-putters with a 42-6.25 effort and the top discus throw at 147-10.

In the girls discus, Aidynne Tippett led the way with a toss of 92-8.

In the boys long jump, Adrien Cody topped the field with a jump of 20 feet.

In the girls shot put, Ke’Asia Robinson of WHS had a toss of 32-6.5 to earn top individual honors.

In the girls high jump, Madison Schuster of WHS was the top individual, clearing 4-10.

In the girls pole vault, Makenna Tolliver of Wilmington and Kaylee Ramsey of Clinton-Massie both cleared 8-6.


March 25, 2023

Hurricane Field Relays

@Alumni Field

Boys Results

TEAMS: Wilmington 46, Clinton-Massie 34, Miami Trace 30, Bellbrook 22, East Clinton 12

SHOT PUT: Wilmington (Zeth Cowin, William Hildebrandt, Garrett Steinmetz) 82-5.25; Bellbrook 75-10; Clinton-Massie (Elijah Groh, Brandon Moritz, Owen Trick, Brandon Moritz) 75-7.75; East Clinton (Zimri Mahanes, Max Gulley) 57-7.5; Miami Trace 53-5

LONG JUMP: Wilmington (Adrien Cody, Eddie Brooks) 37-8.5; Miami Trace 35-10.75; Clinton-Massie (Chase Malatt, Cale Wilson) 33-8.25; Bellbrook 28-10.75; East Clinton (Barrett Beam, Sean Schweikert, Elyon Hackmann) 28-10.5

POLE VAULT: Miami Trace 20-6; Clinton-Massie (Zander Mills, Gatlin Newkirk) 17-6; Wilmington (Adrien Cody, Landon Scott) 15-6

HIGH JUMP: Wilmington (Zane Smith, Blaize Johnson) 11-4; Miami Trace 11-2; Clinton-Massie (Jude Leahy, Cale Wilson) 11-2; Bellbrook 10-8; Bellbrook B 10-0; East Clinton (Colton Brockman, Barrett Beam, Zimri Mahanes)

DISCUS: Wilmington (Zeth Cowin, Garrett Steinmetz, William Hildebrandt) 267-8; Clinton-Massie (Brandon Moritz, Quinton Smith) 194-2; Bellbrook 193-9; East Clinton (Barrett Beam, Max Gulley, Zimri Mahanes) 188-10; Miami Trace 133-6

Girls Results

TEAMS: Wilmington 48, Miami Trace 34, Clinton-Massie 28, Bellbrook 26, East Clinton 4

DISCUS: Wilmington (Ke’Asia Robinson, Aidynne Tippett, Tajia Walker) 176-4; Miami Trace 169-10; Clinton-Massie (Paige Oberweiser, Baylie Wulf, Kinsey Beam) 138-8; Bellbrook 118-10; East Clinton (Keira Null) 51-0

SHOT PUT: Wilmington (Aidynne Tippett, Taija Walker, Ke’Asia Robinson) 61-3.5; Miami Trace 57-9; Clinton-Massie (Emma Everitt, Baylie Wulf, Paige Oberweiser) 50-10.75; Bellbrook 46-11.25; East Clinton (Keira Null) 22-2.5

HIGH JUMP: Bellbrook 9-6; Wilmington (Thery, Diels, Schuster) 8-10; Miami Trace 8-8; Bellbrook B 4-6; Clinton-Massie (Kealey James, Emma Groh, Paige Oberweiser) 4-0

LONG JUMP: Wilmington (Mia Hollingsworth, Caroline Diels, Alexa Rich) 27-8; Bellbrook 27-4.5; Miami Trace 25-8; Clinton-Massie (Olivia Carpenter, Brulee Addington) 22-10.5

POLE VAULT: Wilmington (Brynn Tippett, Makenna Tolliver) 16-0; Clinton-Massie Kaylee Ramsey, Alex Pence, Emalyn Arnold) 15-6; Miami Trace 12-0

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