Wilmington Tree Commission seeks board members, volunteers


Wilmington Tree Commission is looking for board members as well as any interested volunteers who live in Clinton County. Those interested, email: [email protected]

Please encourage those you think would help lead the efforts to improve and continue the commitment to planting, protecting, and maintaining public trees, according to a news release.

Members are expected to attain at least three meetings a year, zoom option included, and commit up to 10 hours of volunteering each calendar year.

Collectively the board accomplishes the following:

Provide for the preservation, protection and enhancement of trees and shrubs within the public right-of-way as an asset of vital importance.

Prevent the irreplaceable loss to the people of the city of the aesthetic, cultural and historic values represented by trees and shrubs within the city.

Stabilize and improve property values within the city.

Foster civic pride in the beauty of the city and its past.

Enhance the city’s attraction as a desirable place in which to live, thereby providing an incentive for new business and industries to locate in and around the city and for established business and industries to remain in and around the city.

Provide for the responsible and safe management of trees and shrubs within the public right-of-way.

The commission seeks a diverse mix of board members and volunteers with a plethora of experience from farming, to gardening, to finance, organizational development, and/or grant writing.

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