A vote in the right direction



We are writing this letter to show our support for Pat Haley as candidate for the Mayor of Wilmington.

Pat has many years of successful public leadership in Clinton County. We believe he is transparent, honest, and forthright. He is a strong communicator. We believe that Wilmington needs a full-time mayor. Pat has the background and knowledge that it takes to effectively run the city on a day-to-day basis and also the ability to carry it into the future that we want to see for our city. We believe he will be an advocate not only for the citizens, but also for the fine city employees that we all depend on to provide the services that mean so much to all of us.

Most importantly, we believe he will work diligently and effectively to solve the many problems that Wilmington is currently facing.

We live in and love our city. We feel Pat Haley is the best candidate for the vision that we see for Wilmington. It’s time for a change. A vote for Haley for Mayor is a vote in the right direction for the place we all call home.

Jeff and Angela Earley

Wilmington, Ohio

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