Gaver named new C-M elementary principal


CLARKSVILLE — Janelle Gaver was introduced as the new Clinton-Massie Elementary principal at this week’s Board of Education meeting.

Gaver is a seasoned educator who brings a wealth of experience and a passion for teaching to her new position, according to the school district’s superintendent, Matt Baker. This past year, she was the assistant principal at the elementary and did an exceptional job, Baker added.

Originally from Waynesville Elementary, Gaver taught kindergarten and first grade, and served as a Title 1 reading district test coordinator. She said she’s excited to continue her career in education.

At the board meeting on Monday evening, Gaver expressed her gratitude to the staff for welcoming her so warmly and said, “I would just like to say thank you so much for a great first year. I’ve really enjoyed being here. The whole staff was so kind and welcoming, so thank you so much, and I look forward to my future here.”

In other news from the monthly board meeting:

Baker provided an update on the school’s plans to improve safety measures. He noted his conversation with an architecture firm that will be visiting the campus to assess the entryway area of the high school and make it more “safety-friendly.” Cameras will also be added. Additionally, the firm will provide a quote for the annex restrooms.

It was announced that the playground located closest to Lebanon Road will be getting some improvements. The playground will be made more accessible for children in wheelchairs by connecting it to an outside ring and converting the green space into asphalt. Currently, the playground is not very wheelchair-friendly due to the mulch and grass, so this change will greatly benefit mobile disability students, according to Baker. There will be games on the asphalt such as shoots and ladders and other activities. The new playground is expected to be completed this summer and will be funded by the committee.

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