Candidate profile: Kelly Tolliver


Kelly Tolliver is a candidate for Wilmington City Council First Ward seat at Tuesday’s Republican primary election.

Please provide bio information/professional experience that qualifies you for this position.

Wilmington has been my home, my father’s home, and my grandfather’s home. I’ve established a small IT business and my wife is also a small business owner. We have raised all three of our children in this community. I am also heavily involved with our youth at the local high school and have coached wrestling for many years. As an adolescent I worked on the family farm with my siblings and learned at an early age what hard work and good work ethic look like. I believe in Almighty God and our Constitution.

Why did you decide to run for city council?

I feel the City of Wilmington needs change and I do not see current leadership delivering the solutions we need. I am a concerned Citizen that wants a clean and safe City for my grandchildren to grow up in. I want to be a part of the solution. I will take my constituents concerns and action them. I am not afraid to have the hard conversations required to meet our goals.

What are the biggest issues facing the city today?

Safety is the concern brought to me most by voters when I speak with them. Secondly, transparency and honesty in personnel and business matters involving the City is a concern that I share with voters. Lastly, our recent traffic changes throughout Rombach need to be addressed and changes made.

Why should citizens vote for you to join the council?

My only motivation is to return Wilmington to being “One of the best Small towns” in America. I will listen to my constituents and work with them to implement changes. I am not politically correct and call them as I see them. I will be their voice and stand with them to fight for positive solutions.

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