‘It feels good to be back’


I know it has been five months since I wrote my column. Sometimes life just happens. It feels good to be back in the writing groove.

Spring has sprung! It’s that time of year when everything is fresh and new. This season always seems to me as a time of new beginnings. The old has been buried by the snow and drifted away when it melted. Now the rains are on clean up duty.

I love to garden. Each year I add more perennials. I love when they start popping up as if to say, “We’re back and all is well with the world.”

People are more jovial. We start seeing neighbors and children outside, allowing us to visit instead of texting and phoning. Dogs are loving walks. No more messy paws. My dog is trained to stop at the door when I say “Feet!” The best part is no coats, no furnace, and we can let fresh air in.

Then there is spring cleaning. Okay, we are not going there. Let’s go back to flowers and sunshine.

I grew up on Mead Street until I was almost 13. All along the side of our house, under both bedroom windows, my mom planted lilies of the valley. Their fragrance was so pleasant and refreshing wafting in the air.

Our first spring in our current home I planted some lily of the valley starts a friend gave me. She was cleaning up her flower beds, and also blessed me with irises and button bush. It takes two seasons for them to bloom. This is the magic year. They are popping up, spreading beautifully and budding. I am excited for when they burst open, and become pretty little flowers with Heavenly scents.

Jack has already planted three kinds of onions. I have more perennial seeds planted. Soon we will be able to plant vegetables. Jack has promised to dig up another patch for a new flower bed.

So now my dilemma will be choosing colors and patterns. Oh, the choices!

I highly recommend impatiens, marigolds, pansies in containers, Mexican Heather, begonias and salvia. Meander around the greenhouse to see what strikes your fancy. The colors are amazing. Choose what will make you happy all summer.

If you have space for sunflowers, they are such fun. The birds love them, especially the little wild canaries. Keep some seeds for next year.

Happy gardening! Enjoy nature!

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