First published book for local just the beginning


WILMINGTON — A local man recently got his first book published and is already working on the next installments.

“Swallowed by Time: The Journey Begins” is the debut novel of Darrell Coley, of Wilmington, and is the first installment of a trilogy. Published through LifeRich Publishing, the book tells of an engineering team’s “quest to develop stealth technology that results in an unintended voyage through time,” according to the back of the book.

It also states the book “addresses many real personal and spiritual fears, doubts, and struggles that people of faith encounter daily.”

Coley told the News Journal he wasn’t sure where the exact inspiration for the book came from.

“It was something that just came to mind. I had been working on the first book … probably a dozen years,” he said.

He said he’d write a draft but wouldn’t be satisfied with it, he would go back to edit and draft it until he finally got a copy that worked for him.

“Once I got the first one written and I thought ‘this’ll work,’ the other two (books) came very quickly,” he said. “The second one is already done, the third is about half done.”

Coley served in the U.S. Army, worked in aviation for a number of years, and worked as a minister.

Coley has lived in Wilmington over the last 30 years and currently works as an independent consultant and as a DER (designated engineering representative) for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

When he finally received a physical copy of his book, he advised there was a feeling of relief to be able to tell this story.

“But it also has been an encouragement for me to write more,” he said. “I’ve already started plotting other books I want to write.”

“Swallowed by Time” is available to purchase online via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.

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