Oh Banana Split Festival, where art thou?



Anticipation for the return of Wilmington’s beloved Banana Split Festival has been growing ever since it had to be canceled back when everything else was being canceled and shut down. The announcement of the festival’s cancellation for 2022 took many by surprise with someone even posting a baby Yoda GIF with the phrase, “No…no…no…no…,” on the festival’s Facebook page.

And, yet, still anticipation, hopeful anticipation, has been wondering about announcement of the 2023 festival’s return.

The delicious ice cream.

The multitude of toppings

The music

The laughter

The 5k race that helps keep the guilt at bay for having that second banana split

The fun

Where is it? Where’s the glorious announcement that this wonderful past time is returning?

Wilmington has proudly claimed, and been in competition with Latrobe, Pennsylvania, over the matter ever since, that this amazing town is the home of the original banana split. Let’s bring back the festival and proudly celebrate the awesome deliciousness of our banana split heritage!

Katrin Babb

New Vienna, Ohio

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