CCSWMD, City join forces to hold county-wide recycling day


On Saturday, April 29, Clinton County Solid Waste Management District and the City of Wilmington Stormwater Department teamed up to provide all Clinton County residents an accessible and responsible outlet to dispose of scrap tires, Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) (toxic, corrosive, flammable materials) and latex paint.

These materials are challenging to properly dispose of since they are highly regulated and/or pose problems by contaminating ground water, according to a news release.

At this event, all Clinton County residents and communities were given the opportunity to recycle scrap tires that may have accumulated over time or been found deposited along roadsides or in public parks. Residents were also provided with the opportunity to responsibly dispose of any Household Hazardous Wastes they might have had.

Items such as used motor oil, antifreeze, pesticides and batteries were collected by trained chemists and properly disposed of before these pollutants would make their way into the environment and storm drains. Latex paint was also collected in an educational campaign to explain that it is not a hazardous or regulated substance. It can be thrown away with standard garbage service provided it has solidified and is no longer a liquid.

According to the release, 335 households brought in just under 1,425 scrap tires, weighing 18.32 tons. These tires were then delivered to an area processing facility where they will be recycled into pavers, running tracks, or used for civil engineering and other such purposes.

Clinton County households also brought in 41,752 pounds of various HHW for Environmental Enterprises, Inc, a contracted HHW recycler out of Cincinnati. EEI reuses and recycles what they can, and treats/disposes of all remaining materials in an environmentally responsible manner.

Organizers thanked Tau Kappa Beta from Wilmington College. The small group of volunteers representing this fraternity worked tirelessly to ensure that the public was well served with a smile. The event would not have been as successful without them, according to the release.

Funding for the tire collection program was provided largely in part by a grant received from the Ohio EPA. The household hazardous waste collection was funding cooperatively by both the Clinton County Solid Waste Management District and the City of Wilmington Stormwater Management District.

Other organizations supporting the event included:

Clinton County Engineer/Highway Department

Clinton County Juvenile Probation Department

Tau Kappa Beta Fraternity from Wilmington College

For information on proper disposal of various items, residents are encouraged to visit

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