Warner talks sunflowers at English Club meeting


The English Club met Aug. 4 at McCoy’s Small Party Room. Hostesses Connie Townsend and Helen Starkey welcomed everyone and invited them to tables decorated with county fair memorabilia.

President Nancy Williams introduced guests and Sharon Breckel gave the blessing before the buffet meal.

Townsend introduced guest speaker Brooks Warner, the new Clinton County Agriculture and Natural Resource Educator. Warner gave a brief history of his education. A graduate of Wilmington College, he is happy to be back in Clinton County after working for several years in North Dakota and most recently in Adams County.

Warner presented a slideshow about sunflowers. He was fortunate to work with the North Dakota Sunflower industry which is the top producer of sunflower products. The history of sunflowers dates back to Native Americans before corn. The native Americans developed flour and oil from seed as well as other non-food uses.

The sunflower evolved and traveled to Europe, Spain, Holland, and Russia. In the 1930s, Russia became a top producer of sunflower products. The sunflower made a resurgence on US soil and in the 1970s began exporting products to Europe. Everyone enjoyed the wealth of information Warner provided about the varieties, planting, growing, and harvesting of sunflowers.

The roll call was answered by stating a favorite thing about Ohio other than it being home.

The minutes of the July meeting were read by substituting secretary Jean Singleton due to the absence of secretary Judy Sargent, minutes were approved as read. The treasurer report was given by treasurer Sharon Breckel.

Old business was the introduction of new member Claire Ropp. Nominations and approval for additional members were Sharon Boatman, Christine Johnson, Thelma Ledford, and Robyn Spragg. Mary Alice Bryan was nominated for membership.

Retiring president Nancy Williams ended her presidency by thanking everyone in the club.

The new officers were installed by past president Jane Walker, presenting each with a symbolic present representing the new president’s theme: “Seas” the Day.

Sharon Breckel, treasurer, was presented with a Sand Dollar.

Jean Singleton, secretary, was presented with a Dolphin.

Carolyn Horan, president, was presented with a Whale. Other officers, Kathy Kral, vice-president, Judy Sargent, assistant secretary, and Joan Burge, sunshine, will be installed at the next meeting. The next meeting will be Sept. 1 at McCoy’s Small Party Room at 12:30 p.m. with Connie Townsend and Claire Ropp as hostesses.

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