Reported threat results in temporary lockdown at Wilmington Schools


WILMINGTON — An alleged threatening video chat message caused a temporary lockdown Tuesday at Wilmington High School and Middle School.

According to a release from Wilmington Police Chief Ron Fithen, the police department was contacted by the Wilmington High School administration in regards to a potential threat.

“A Wilmington High School student advised he was on a video chat call with a non-student (out-of-state) when a firearm was displayed by the non-student,” Fithen stated in the release. “The Wilmington High School student provided Wilmington City Schools Administration and the Wilmington PD School Resource Officer with the information. This information was provided to WPD investigators.”

School administrators and the WPD coordinated a perimeter lockdown while a follow-up investigation took place.

“Through this follow-up investigation, Wilmington Police Department deemed the incident not to be a credible threat,” Fithen stated.

The release did not specify what was discussed in the video chat between the two students, where the other student was from, or what led to the firearm being present.

Fithen advised that WPD investigators will be reaching out to the respective out-of-state law enforcement agencies to provide them with information on the non-student.

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