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CMH administrators win LifeCenter Legaci Award


WILMINGTON — Clinton Memorial Hospital (CMH) recently announced that two of its healthcare leaders — Matt Gunderman, RN senior administrator, and Duane Seaborne, RN director of surgical services — were honored with the prestigious LifeCenter Legaci Award for Education.

LifeCenter is the region’s organ and tissue donation network. This award, presented annually by the LifeCenter, recognizes individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the field of healthcare and have demonstrated unwavering dedication to improving patient care and community well-being, according to a news release.

Gunderman has been a vital part of Clinton Memorial Hospital for five years, serving in various capacities and consistently exemplifying his commitment to patient care excellence, the release states. His leadership has been instrumental in implementing innovative healthcare solutions and improving patient outcomes. Gunderman’s vision and dedication to the hospital’s mission have been instrumental in enhancing the quality of healthcare services offered at Clinton Memorial Hospital.

Seaborne brings a wealth of expertise and compassion to his role as director of surgical services at Clinton Memorial Hospital, the news release states. For three years, he has played a pivotal role in advancing surgical care and patient safety standards. Seaborne’s ability to lead a dynamic team while maintaining a focus on delivering the highest quality of care has contributed significantly to the hospital’s reputation as a leader in surgical services.

The LifeCenter Legaci Award is a symbol of recognition for their commitment to healthcare excellence, patient advocacy, and the well-being of their community, according to the release. Their tireless efforts have not only positively impacted the patients they serve but have also inspired their colleagues to strive for excellence.

“We are immensely proud of Matt Gunderman and Duane Seaborne for receiving the LifeCenter Legaci Award,” said Tom Daskalakis, CEO of Clinton Memorial Hospital. “Their dedication to building awareness around organ donation and their extraordinary leadership skills have made an indelible mark on our hospital and the entire healthcare community. This recognition is well-deserved.”

The LifeCenter Legaci Award ceremony, held on Sept. 16, was attended by prominent figures in the healthcare industry, hospital staff, and community members who came together to celebrate these exceptional healthcare professionals, according to the release.

They were honored to receive this award as they dedicate it to the patients and families that choose donation.

Gunderman said, “My honor was to help first the patients and families and then the staff of CMH during these very challenging situations.”

If you have not registered to be a donor, either on your driver’s license or elsewhere, please go to www.lifepassiton.org/donor/ .