Commissioners select student-made ornaments for courthouse Christmas tree


WILMINGTON — On Wednesday morning, the Clinton County Commissioners took on the role of judges in a heartwarming competition, selecting the top student-made ornaments to adorn the Clinton County Courthouse Christmas Tree throughout the holiday season.

This festive initiative was orchestrated by Erin Hartsock and Jeffrey Walls of the Clinton County Solid Waste Management District (SWMD).

The ornaments represent 72 homeroom classes from across the county, both public and private schools. Invitations to participate in the contest were shared with K-5 schools and home-school groups across Clinton County.

As Walls and Hartsock explained, students were encouraged to make creative ornaments out of up/recycled or recyclable materials at home with their families. The students’ homeroom teachers were then instructed to select one ornament from their classes to be hung on the Clinton County Courthouse Christmas Tree for the holiday season and a chance to compete for one of 10 grand prizes.

The Clinton County Commissioners had their work cut out for them selecting the 10 grand prize winners, but they nevertheless got to business and selected entries from the following students:

– Kiery Aldana-Granados, fifth grade, Blanchester Middle School, Ms. McCollister

– Maddie Vinup, fifth grade, Sabina Elementary, Ms. Cole

– Rowan Wooddell, fourth grade, Wilmington Christian Academy, Ms. Bird

– Kendall Burton, fourth grade, Wilmington Christian Academy, Ms. Walls

– Rex Rudduck, third grade, Denver Place Elementary, Mr. May

– Aria Minge, second grade, New Vienna Elementary, Ms. Smith

– Priya Abraham, first grade, Wilmington Christian Academy, Ms. Clark

– Landyn Young, first grade, Clinton-Massie Elementary, Ms. Johannes

– Colton Walker, kindergarten, New Vienna Elementary, Ms. Carey

– Haley Garay, kindergarten, Putman Elementary, Ms. Coomer

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