Eighth grade students at Clinton-Massie Middle School explore American Revolutionary history through hands-on learning with authentic artifacts and military gear.

Submitted photos

CLARKSVILLE — During a hands-on learning initiative, eighth grade history students at Clinton-Massie Middle School, explained by social studies teacher Amy Kreider, delved into the American Revolutionary War era through a unique visit from traveling trunks provided by the American Revolution Institute.

These trunks, filled with Continental Military gear and artifacts, allowed students to better grasp the challenges faced by soldiers and civilians during this pivotal period, offering a tangible connection to history.

Providing a first-time experience in Ohio, the trunks (minus the weapons) showcased the items individuals would have carried into battle. Kreider expressed the success of the visit and plans to invite the trunks for a return engagement.

The immersive educational experience captured in pictures demonstrates the students’ enthusiasm for this interactive approach to learning history.