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Pro-lifers, are you awake yet?


I have read and heard many reactions to the recent passing of Issue 1. Most pro-lifers I know have expressed anger, shock, frustration, and grief.

It has me wondering if indeed many Christians have been sleeping on just how opposing the culture in society is to basic Christian morals.

For those of us who find ourselves serving in the midst of the culture, we have seen the decline for quite a while. Actions and beliefs that were once seen as embarrassing, taboo, and morally wrong are now not just tolerated, but praised and supported.

I understand the emotional responses I’ve encountered this week. However, strong emotions will not change anything; but they could be a catalyst.

If you have found yourself sad, grieved, and concerned over the passage of Issue 1, then good. You should be. But if that is all it has done, then there is a serious problem.

It should change your prayer life.

It should change your charitable giving.

It should change your Christian service.

It is no longer the time for “someone else will do it.” YOU should find ways to offer tangible assistance to those who choose life.

· Support a single mom who chose life but now struggles to make ends meet.

· Offer to bless a single mom or dad who could use some encouragement and support for themselves as they put all resources to the child(ren).

· Volunteer at your local pregnancy center or pro-life ministry.

· Buy cab tickets or pay for an oil change for a single mom/dad.

· Take a foster family out to eat.

· Offer prayer and support to counselors and support groups helping post-abortive men and women (yes the fathers can suffer too).

· Babysit for a few hours to give them a break.

· Buy diapers.

· Buy winter coats.

· Have coffee and let them talk.

The list of possible ways to put action to your words is endless.

Wake up. No more slumbering on these literal life and death issues. We can’t be outraged without offering response. Talk is cheap.

“Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.” Psalm 127:3 ESV

Angel Boll is the reverend at the Wilmington Church of God.