City of Circleville settles with a truck driver and a former K-9 officer involved in July attack


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A central Ohio city agreed this week to a settlement with a former K-9 officer and a truck driver involved in an attack last year, video of which garnered national attention and raised questions about the use of dogs to apprehend suspects.

Records shared with The Associated Press by the city of Circleville show it will pay Jadarrius Rose $225,000 after he suffered bites from a dog that was part of the Circleville Police Department’s canine unit July 4. Rose signed the settlement documents on Jan. 8.

Kenneth Abbarno, Rose’s attorney, said the settlement is a step towards accountability but the effects of the attack on the 24-year-old will stay with him.

“What happened to Jadarrius can never be remedied,” Abbarno said. “This has permanently altered how he’s going to encounter law enforcement for the rest of his life.”

Additional records signed Thursday by former officer Ryan Speakman, the dog’s handler, show that the city also agreed to pay him $40,000.

Under the settlement, records relating to Speakman’s termination will be removed from his personnel file, he will submit a voluntary letter of resignation effective last July and he will be able to purchase Serg, the Belgian Malinois who bit Rose, from the city for $1.

The city will also provide Speakman with a “neutral” letter of reference detailing his dates of employment, his position at the department and his pay rate at the time of his resignation, according to records.

The city of Circleville did not respond to messages seeking comment on the settlements but shared the records via email.

Speakman was placed on leave and then fired from the force after the agency said he “did not meet the standards and expectations we hold for our police officers.”

Also as part of the settlement, the Ohio Patrolman’s Benevolent Association must withdraw a grievance the union filed arguing that he was fired without sufficient grounds.

The union which has represented Speakman, did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment.

Speakman is scheduled to have an arbitration hearing Feb. 21.

During Rose’s arrest near Circleville, recorded by police body cameras, Speakman let the dog maul Rose while he was on his knees with his hands in the air, as state troopers shouted for him to restrain the animal. Rose, then 23, of Memphis, Tennessee, required hospital treatment.

A police report said the chase on Ohio Route 35 began because Rose’s truck appeared to be missing a mudflap and he did not stop for an inspection.

Police have alleged that Rose initially refused to get out of the truck and later defied instructions to get on the ground.

While the dog was on Rose, a trooper yelled: “Get the dog off of him!” Rose, in visible pain, said “Get it off! Please! Please!” before the attack ended.

Audio recordings indicate that Ross told a 911 dispatcher the officers pursuing him were “trying to kill” him and he did not feel safe pulling over. He also said he was confused about why the officers were trying to stop him and why they had guns drawn after he briefly stopped before driving away.

The dispatcher told Rose to stop and to comply with officers, and that they were not trying to harm him.

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