Wilmington Seventh-Day Adventist Church to hold creation seminar


On March 8-9, the Wilmington Seventh-Day Adventist Church will be hosting Dr. Jiri Moskala, who will be doing three presentations on the following topics: the Genesis view of creation, the flood, and the question of how can a loving God seemingly allow suffering among His creation?

Dr. Moskala is the dean of the Seventh-day Adventist Seminary in Berrien Springs, Mich. He is an Old Testament scholar and world-renowned authority on the flood, creation, and the book of Job, according to a news release.

“Through his opening up of the Hebrew language of the Old Testament, you will gain a deeper view and understanding of scripture, and most particularly, about the character of God, ‘Yahweh,’ in His interaction with various Old Testament Biblical characters and situations,” the release states.

Beginning at 7 p.m. this Friday evening, March 8, Dr. Moskala will present, “God’s Flood.” On Saturday, March 9 the series continues at 11:30 a.m. with “Job and the Great Controversy,” and concludes at 2 p.m. with “The ‘Days’ of Creation.”

All events will be held at the Wilmington Seventh-day Adventist Church located at 4394 South State Route 73 in Wilmington. Visit the website https://wilmingtonoh.adventististchurch.org or Facebook page, www.facebook.com/hmwdistrict for more information.

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