CCHD releases food inspection reports


The following information is obtained from the Clinton County Health District and is compiled from inspection reports.

Violations are either critical or non-critical. Critical violations are more likely to contribute to food contamination, illness or an environmental health hazard, including inadequate cooking of food items or poor personal hygiene.

For a more detailed description of critical and non-critical violations, or to file a public health or food safety complaint about a restaurant, contact the Clinton County Health District by calling 937-382-3829.

Family Dollar Store #28961, 303 E. Main St., Wilmington

Handwash signage is needed in restrooms used by employees (states: employees must wash hands before returning to work). Please attach a drain cover in the mop sink. It helps prevent clogs and protects from pests entering. An inspector found a bottle of water stored on the floor. Please store it six inches above to aid in cleaning. Please place hanging thermometers in cold cases containing TCS (milk, eggs, deli meat) foods. Baby electrolyte juice contains a tag that covers the expiration date. It needs to be moved so it does not obscure the date. There is no lidded trash can in the customer unisex restroom. Please provide one to properly dispose of hygiene products. Trash was found around the trash receptacle (outdoor). The inspector asked to please clean it up. The trash is overflowing in the customer restroom. Please empty it regularly. The inspector observed a large drum full of water outside near the trash receptacle. Inquire about disposal with the supervisor/EPA. Note: If turning on the water, please run it before use and sanitize.

#1 China Buffet, 1587 Rombach Ave., Wilmington

Leak on the underside of the handwash sink located mid-kitchen. Ensure food employees are using gloves approved for food (non-latex). An inspector observed an employee with a yellow cleaning glove in the kitchen handling food. Also, coach on when to wash hands. The employee was setting up the dish machine (removed gloves) but did not wash hands until prompted by the inspector. The person in charge corrected this during the inspection. Keep coaching. Note: Food code has recently changed – requiring all pH meters used for white rice acidification to be two-point calibration meters. Calibrated 4.0-7.0. All other violations were corrected (4.4, 6.1, 3.2, 6.3, 3.4).

Little Caesars, 1334 Rombach Ave., Wilmington

No manager with food safety training certificate found. Ensure there is one manager associated only with this location who has this training (can be ServSafe, TAP series), can be online. No hand soap found at the handwash sink located near the oven or in the dough room. Place hand soap at these sinks. Found the sanitizer at the three-compartment sink (quat) is mixing at too low of a concentration. Should be 200-400 ppm. No ppm is visible with test strips; mix manually until adjusted. Found cleaners stored near food prep surfaces – store away from food and food prep surfaces. Found that the pizzas on the rack did not have a timer for the time-in-lieu procedure. Please use a timer and indicate what, if any, changes have occurred to the “FILT” time-in-lieu procedure. Many squeeze bottles, shakers, not labeled with common name. Label to prevent misuse. No drain cover found at the drain of the mop sink – add to prevent clogs and pests. Male employees with beards observed without beard nets. Obtain and use to prevent contamination. Inspector found many lexans with deep cracks also broken corners. Discard. Cleaning needed of speed racks inside the walk-in cooler. A self-door closer needed on the bathroom door since it leads directly to the kitchen. The light shields need cleaning of dead insects. More scrubbing/sweeping needed of the floor beneath the three-compartment sink. Floors also need regrouted. New license issued today. Culligan water dispenser was installed from plumbing of mop sink. All plumbing must be performed by a commercially licensed and locally registered plumber in all food facilities. Please provide an invoice showing the plumber is commercially licensed (water for employee use only). Uncertain if the FILT procedure is still in use as it was with the last owner. Must correct all by April 12. A new dough press present. “Dough Express.” Cleanliness improved on this inspection.

Walmart #1289 2825 Progress Way, Wilmington

Received a complaint regarding “Mold issues. Mold was supposed to be cleaned up, but the attempt to clean it up with sanitizer water and a green scratch pad was unsuccessful.” No issues were found at the time of inspection. Everything looks good.

Dollar Tree, 1215 Rombach Ave., Wilmington

Everything looks good. Freezer temperature 10 degrees Fahrenheit and cooler temperature 34 degree fahrenheit.

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, #190, Wilmington

No handwashing signage in the men’s room. Place a sign indicating that employees must wash their hands after using the restroom. Found a receptacle in the first stall in the women’s room uncovered. Place a cover on the receptacle for hygiene products. Observed dirt and debris on floors, and mops not hung to dry. Clean floors more frequently (especially in restrooms and mop room) and hang many mops to dry to prevent pest attraction. Notes from the inspector: Clean the area in the back (outside) of the store of debris by the dumpster. Display the actual license, not a copy. Obtain bleach for the clean-up procedures so there is disinfectant.

Wilmington Plaza Cinema INC, 1276 Rombach Ave., Wilmington

Apron of ice machine has debris. Please maintain all interior portions of ice machine clean as they contact food (ice). Found chemicals stored above food in the storage store. Store all chemicals away from food to prevent chemical contamination. Found mice droppings in cabinets below soap dispenser and at the front counters. Please clean all areas and secure the pest control records to ensure pests are not active/present in the facility. Found single-use items in a box stored on the floor. Store six inches up to prevent contamination of items. Found food stored in unapproved containers. Salt in garbage bag and kernels in a non-NSF bin. Use containers that the food arrived in as liners for bins or obtain NSF bags or bins for storage to prevent substances from leaking into food. Wipe all counters below pop dispensers and at the front where there is evidence of mice. Notes from the inspector: Please label salt containers with common name. If possible, add more lighting to the front counter area to aid in cleaning. Clean aerator at the bathroom sink (left side) in the men’s room for more water pressure. PIC stated they are using sanitabs until the chemical company repairs the automatic mixer. Please post the actual license and not a copy onsite for future inspections. Mal-odor detected during the inspection may need a new seal for the grease trap located at the three-compartment sink. Please correct all violations by March 25. Inspector left a thank you for replacing the broken/chipped tiles.

Ron’s place, 125 S. Broadway St., Blanchester

The fire suppression/ansul system has been serviced and new tags have been attached to the unit. The following violations have been corrected (4.2)(4.5). Employee in the kitchen with no beard restraint. All employees must wear proper hair restraints. Paint is peeling on the wall behind the three-compartment sink. Hood over grill/stove is dirty, floor in dry storage area is broken in spots. All floors, walls, and ceilings must be kept in good repair. Hood needs to be kept clean for safety reasons.

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