Marriage licenses


WILMINGTON- Below is a marriage licenses report from Clinton County Probate Court for March. It includes the names of the couple, ages, their towns of residence, and occupations.

Dennis Columbia, 41, an Amazon Air employee, and Jennifer Watters, 39, a laundry person, both of New Vienna.

Michael Horn, 20, of New Vienna, in the military, and Montgomery Carpenter, 21, of Florence KY, in microbiology.

Thomas Strickland, 26, of Hoover AL, a field engineer, and Jaylyn Hensley, 24, of Wilmington, a bartender.

Mathew Vanover, 33, of Cincinnati, a foreman, and Cassandra Cox, 33 of Blanchester, an administrative director.

Joseph Austin Dean Culberson, 26, of Wilmington, a general manager, and Megan Coates, 29, a nurse, both of Wilmington.

Richard Woodruff, 58, of Sabina, a fork lift driver, and Stephanie James, 46, of Sabina, a school bus driver.

Alex Stanley, 30, of Wilmington, self employed, and Brianna Evans, 29 of Wilmington, a homemaker.

Jonathan May, 37 of Wilmington, janitorial work, and Arelis Vaughn, 28, of Wilmington, works in child care.

Jeffrey Satterfield, 27 of Chillicothe, postal service worker and Stephanie Adkins, 23 of Sabina, postal service worker.

Levi Ridenour, 29 of Blanchester, an operator and Brianne Mockabee, 29 of Blanchester, a hair dresser.

Nicholas Dean, 39 of Sabina, a mechanic and Jandi Wilt, 33 of Sabina, a health care worker.

Christopher Walls, 23 of Wilmington, an owner operator, and Emma Bratton, 20 of Wilmington, a server.

Steven Massie, 63, of Wilmington, in management, and Kristin Hamilton, 47, of Wilmington, self employed.

John II Ross, 32, of Wilmington, a lineman, and Jenel Wyatt, 31, of Wilmington, a homemaker.

Arley Aguilar Trujillo, 35, of New Vienna, a welder, and Brayndi Runyon, 31, of New Vienna, a fork lift driver.

Landon Bailey, 20, of Clarksville, an electrician, and Nicole Patton, 19, of Maineville, a college student.

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