Firefighters quickly contain roof fire at Arby’s


WILMINGTON — At approximately 7:28 p.m. Wednesday, Wilmington Local 3011 Fire was dispatched to the Arby’s restaurant on Rombach Avenue due to reports of smoke seen coming from the roof.

According to reports, L-1 responded with a crew of four and immediately declared an all-call for additional support.

Mutual aid was requested from the Clinton-Warren Joint Fire District, which provided an engine and additional manpower. Upon arrival, L-1 observed light smoke emanating from the roof area. The crew quickly laddered the roof, and the fire was efficiently extinguished by C-61 and the Wilmington crew.

Simultaneously, C-60 and E-60 crews performed an inside overhaul to ensure no hidden fire pockets remained and to assess any potential structural damage. The situation was brought under control, and crews remained on the scene for approximately an hour to ensure safety and complete their work.

Wilmington Fire Chief Andy Mason reported that a crew working on installing a new roof system, which required “hot work” with a torch, caused a small fire in the ceiling.

“No one was hurt. The business is shut down awaiting health department clearance,” Mason said.

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