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Primary election letters deadline this Friday

The News Journal deadline to receive Letters to the Editor pertaining to the Tuesday, May 2 primary election is noon Friday, April 21.

Lowering prescription drug prices

Prescription drugs are some of the most overpriced goods that families are forced to pay for each month. Americans pay more than three times what people in other countries pay for the same medication, while pharmaceutical companies rake in huge profits.

Expanding overtime pay for Ohio workers

Too many Ohioans work hundreds of extra hours each year and don’t get paid overtime for them.

Doing our part to keep waterways clean

Dear Editor,

Supporting first responders responding to derailments

When big rail corporations like Norfolk Southern wreak havoc on communities like East Palestine, local first responders are left to clean up their mess.

Standing up for Ohio workers against unfair foreign competition

Our trade remedy laws are critical to protecting Ohio businesses and their workers from foreign competitors who cheat the rules and cheat Ohioans out of work. And we have taken important steps to reform those trade enforcement laws over the last few years.

Ohio must prioritize affordable, accessible housing

Safe, affordable housing is a necessity that all Ohioans should have the opportunity to enjoy. The Ohio Legislature, statewide leaders and organizations like the Ohio Chamber are all working to make Ohio the best place to live, and to achieve this goal, we must come together to ensure that people are actually able to do just that— live.

Fostering diversity in our next generation of military leaders

Every year, I have the privilege of nominating ten Ohio students to each of our nation’s service academies.