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Stopping another bad trade deal

Once again, a White House was trying to push through a trade agreement behind closed doors with no enforceable labor standards. The good news is, this time we put a stop to it.

Pro-lifers, are you awake yet?

I have read and heard many reactions to the recent passing of Issue 1. Most pro-lifers I know have expressed anger, shock, frustration, and grief.

Bringing high speed internet to more Ohioans

It’s pretty simple: Every Ohio family and Ohio business should have reliable, high-speed internet. It’s a crucial aspect of modern society, and one of the most important tools for economic development.

Cutting taxes for Ohio teachers

For most teachers, hard work never pays off the way it should. It’s no secret that they are underpaid and overworked, always sacrificing for their students, families and communities. For many educators, that includes spending their own hard-earned money on classroom supplies to give students the education they deserve.

Early settlers in Clinton County

The 1882 Clinton County History contains many mini-histories of early families. As we read about some of these families, we begin to understand the diversity of some of the early settlers and perhaps can find a familiar family name that is still part of Clinton County or perhaps lurks in our memories. Do you remember any of these names?

Supporting local law enforcement

One of my most important jobs is getting resources to Ohio, that includes funding for law enforcement. I’ll use any tool available to make sure Ohio gets our fair share, or more, of federal resources.

In search of a little playing time

Dear Sir,

Ensuring first responders get Social Security

Social Security is a bedrock of our middle class. It’s retirement security that Ohioans pay into and earn over a lifetime of work – and should be able to count on to be there for them when they retire.