English Club meets by ‘design’

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English Club met Friday, October 7 at McCoy’s Small Party Room.

Hostesses Helen Starkey and Anne Lynch greeted 18 members. President Nancy Williams welcomed everyone and asked Sharon Breckel to give the blessing.

After the buffet lunch, Helen Starkey introduced Judy Stopkotte, a flower arranger and judge from Warren County. Judy demonstrated a “dump design”; a “mass design”, using cockscomb, rosemary sea holly and roses; a vertical design using wood and grasses; and a vertical/mass design using sunflowers, mums, cockscomb, grass, rosemary, and roses.

All of the arrangements were beautiful. Three of the designs were given to members — Connie Townsend, Jane Walker, and Jean Singleton.

The business meeting followed with everyone answering the roll call with their favorite museum or historic site in Ohio. The minutes were approved, and the treasurer’s report given.

Sunshine Chairman Joan Burge will send cards to members that were reported to be ill.

Members were encouraged to attend the Fashion Show to be held at the Senior Center on Nelson Avenue at noon October 22.

President Williams thanked Anne Lynch for the pot holders she had made and placed at each table setting.

The next meeting will be November 4 with Avonelle Williams and Judy Sargent serving as hostesses.

Submitted article