Theatres: #DoNotAbandonUS

By The Murphy Theatre - community center

The League of Historic American Theatres has joined forces with seven other organizations representing small businesses including independent restaurants and theatres as well as unemployed artists and services industry members. This group has formed #DoNotAbandonUS, a nationwide effort of over 25 million Americans urging Congress to pass a comprehensive pandemic relief bill.

The organizations involved include: Broadway Across America; IRC — Independent Restaurants Coalition; LHAT — League of Historic American Theatres; LEC — Live Events Coalition; NATO — National Association of Theatre Owners; NITO — National Independent Talent Organization; NIVA — National Independent Venue Association; and The Main Street Alliance

The League of Historic American Theatres, a nonprofit membership association, has asked its 400 member theatres to join the effort. Historic marquees around the nation will display #DoNotAbandonUS to bring attention to this effort.

The impact of Historic Theatres in America annually is $4.3 billion with almost $3 billion going directly to American’s paychecks.

Today every theatre in America is partially or completely shut down. With 95% of all live events cancelled and over 80,000 other small business already permanently closed, a return to normal seems a distant dream at best. Congress must act now.

Calls are being planned to have every member of Congress contacted about this urgent matter.

You can mail Senator Rob Portman at 37 W. Broad St., Room 300, Columbus, OH 43215 or find a direct link to email him at

Millions of individuals are contacting their elected officials online and over video conference calls during the month of September to bring attention to the issues that are negatively impacting businesses and employees across the nation.

We are all in this together.

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By The Murphy Theatre

community center