God, save our United States

I have seen it too often: The door-to-door evangelist who thrives on rejection, because it reinforces his or her sense of self-righteousness. God does indeed wish that all people know and understand that He loves, forgives and saves all who embrace His grace; but, He wants us to love heaven into them, not scare the hell out of them.

Understandably our current president hates having lost this election. (Who wouldn’t?) According to those who should know, he was trained to avoid being a “loser” at all costs. Yet, instead of accepting the fact that he lost the election, he perpetuates his losses – challenging the electoral process and thus creating more opportunities for him to “lose”.

Presented with such a person (when I was serving) I would have suggested that s/he seek deeper counseling. When one’s self-identity is defined by being a “victim”, it is frightening to redefine his/her personality as a contributor to the world.

Four years ago I participated in an exchange on these pages urging people to accept the fact that Donald Trump won that election, regardless of how some may have wished he hadn’t.

Now “the shoe is on the other foot”.

Allow and pray that our newly-elected president, Joe Biden, be successful in leading us through the next four years. As Winston Churchill once quipped,” Democracy is the worst of form of government – but it’s better than all the others.”

God, save the United States.

Pastor Doug Campbell