More on Palestinian-Israeli history

A response to my letter to the editor of the WNJ concerning Palestine includes some of the mixed signals declared by external powers related to the future of Palestine. The pronouncements especially by Britain came at a time when that country was trying to extricate itself from the region. The British Empire was in decline and so diverse and even contradictory pronouncements were made.

The statement in response to my letter states that after 1946 “… that land was declared an independent Arab state of nearly 38,000 square miles, Israel was left with less than 8,000 square miles.”

I must confess that I do not know anything about this. I am, however quite certain that when the United Nations, pressured by Britain and the U.S., to divided up the land in 1947 it gave Palestinians 45 percent and 55 percent to a Jewish State – Israel.

This was done while the population of Palestinians in this land was 70 percent and Jews only 30 percent. It is estimated that Jews owned some seven percent of the land. Today, the Occupied West Bank, or Palestine, occupies about 10 percent of the land that was once called Palestine.

Beyond this the author of the letter states that, “The full factual history of the Jewish homeland is recorded in the book The Everlasting Hatred by Hal Lindsey.” This is quite a stretch to claim that the “full factual history” would come from this source. Mr. Lindsey is an advocate of Biblical prophecy wherein he and others try to apply Biblical statements to current events. It is impossible to estimate the number of predictions coming from the pens of these people since time immemorial that identify the end times or the apocalypse.

They still have some work to do.

Neil Snarr