Concert to support Good Fairy Fund


WILMINGTON — What do Christian music, Good Fairies, and $5 bills have in common? They all support summer arts education for children in Clinton County.

Pastor Joel Gay and The Wilmington Church of the Nazarene are sponsoring the John Stone Band in concert at the Murphy Theatre to help raise money for the Good Fairy Fund. John Stone brings a brand new recording project titled “Everything” to Wilmington at 7 p.m. Saturday, June 13. All proceeds of the evening go to the Good Fairy Fund of Wilmington.

Stone has been making music for most of his life. He has written and performed in the Midwest and also the eastern part of the country, presenting his personal style and love for God through music.

He traveled with a group called Lighthouse throughout the 90’s and performed at the Murphy Theatre several times. His success brought him a #11 song on the charts, as recorded by the Kingsmen Quartet, called “Come to the Water.”

He is now traveling with his own band, performing a pop/country style of Christian music.

“I love being at Murphy,” he said. “The people of Wilmington are great and the ambiance of the theater is hard to beat.”

A special donor has agreed to match every $5 bill donated, so be sure to have a handful of “fivers” with you when you come to see the show.

Begun in 2012, the Good Fairy Fund was created to provide financial support for Saturday Mornings at The Murphy, a series of six workshops open to children ages 8 to 16 and Charlie’s Bucket Band, directed by Chip Murdock, with rehearsals those same Saturdays.

Performances of Charlie’s Bucket Band can be enjoyed at the Corn Festival and occasionally on stage at the Murphy. Registration forms for Charlie’s Bucket Band and Saturday Mornings at the Murphy are available at the theatre and on line at

To learn more about the history of the Murphy Theatre, or to become a theatre supporter, please visit or call 937-382-3643.

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