I have no doubt that money is needed for the Village of Blanchester. This is a common thread with most local small communities.

What disappoints me, as a lifetime resident of the village, is that this was passed once before by the council and then voted out in a referendum. It was then put on the ballot at a later date.

I might have, as many others, been willing to vote for this if the council would have made a much better effort to explain the need for this money to the voters. There was a minimal effort made to inform the public of the real need for the money.

General statements were made such as the one in this article: “The police department will suffer.”

It would not take much effort by those involved with the budget process to inform the voters where the money comes from and how it is spent.

We all have to make personal decisions on how to spend the income we receive, and we have the ability to process this information if it is provided. Unless there is some regulation against this method, you have access to all residents with the monthly BPA billings.

I think that many people are open-minded, but want to be informed, and you will not have any chance of passing this tax without making a real effort to inform the voters.

It is easy to make statements that contain threats or doom and gloom. Do your job you were elected for and give us the information to make an informed decision.

In addition, this article will only apply to those who work in Blanchester. In the past I thought it would also apply to those who live in town and work elsewhere. What is the answer to this?

Randy Davais