Year of prison for burglary


Donald Gaston

Kyle Shoemaker

Susan Pace Stoops

Karissa Purcell

WILMINGTON — A March 2015 burglary at a local shop has resulted in a one-year prison term for a Wilmington man.

Donald L. Gaston, 46, has “a lengthy history of criminal activity that spans over 25 years, has several other felony convictions upon his record, and has previously served three separate prison terms,” wrote Clinton County Common Pleas Judge John W. “Tim” Rudduck in his judgment document.

The business victim of the burglary is Cook’s Hydraulic in Wilmington.

At the sentencing hearing this week, Gaston was ordered to make $214 restitution to the shop owner.

Credit was given for 73 days spent in the county jail.

Kyle R. Shoemaker, 23, of Blanchester, saw his community control sanctions revoked and replaced by a nine-month term of prison after he broke community control rules. The original July 2013 case involved a breaking-and-entering at the Southridge Beverage Dock and the theft there of tobacco products.

The term of community controls was ended after the court found that Shoemaker did not remain of good behavior due to getting cited with driving under suspension and a marked lanes violation as well as being charged with possessing drug paraphernalia.

Also while on community controls, Shoemaker tested positive for using marijuana, cocaine and opiates, according to court papers. He admitted he smoked marijuana that might have been laced with other drugs, according to the same court paperwork.

Shoemaker also is on community controls for Hancock County.

Credit in the Clinton County case was given for 180 days served in jail.

Susan L. Pace Stoops, 45, of Wilmington, recently received a six-month prison term for drug trafficking. She was brought to her Clinton County sentencing hearing from prison where she is being kept on a separate felony case from Greene County.

Her prison sentence from Clinton County will be served concurrently with the Greene County incarceration, which ends in late November 2015.

Credit was given for five days in jail on the local case.

The judgment entry written by the judge states the law enforcement agency that investigated the local drug trafficking case “expressly approves” the recommended sentence presented by prosecution and defense counsel.

Karissa F. Purcell, 25, of Sabina, was put on community controls for two years for a residential burglary.

She was ordered this week to complete a term at the STAR Community Justice Center where a bed was available on June 17. Purcell must successfully complete the individualized treatment program during the residency period at the STAR facility in Franklin Furnace, Ohio.

Afterward, she will be monitored by local probation staffers in what’s called an intense supervision plan.

A court paper stated the court finds that Purcell has substance abuse issues.

The sentence consisting of community controls was not objected to by prosecution, according to court papers.

Purcell took a laptop computer, a TV with a DVD player, and a digital camera. She was ordered to make restitution of $550 to the victim.

Credit was given for 53 days spent in jail. She faces at least a year of prison if she violates her community control rules.

Sunshine D. Key, 32, of Wilmington, was placed on community controls for two years for possessing fentanyl, a prescription pain reliever.

According to court papers, Key began using drugs at the age of 12. She has prior felony convictions, wrote the judge.

In her favor, Key is “a local citizen with local community ties. She is currently in counseling; her husband is a participant in the You Turn Recovery Docket; she has a new baby and is committed to recovery,” Rudduck stated.

Assistant Clinton County Prosecutor Matt Suellentrop took no position with respect to a sentence, “given the nature of the conviction and noting her [Key’s] cooperation with law enforcement,” added Rudduck.

Key will be on the intense supervision plan of the Clinton County Common Pleas Court’s Adult Probation Department.

Her license to drive is suspended for six months. However, driving privileges may be granted if certain conditions are met.

She faces a prison term of 11 months if she breaks her community control rules and regulations.

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