Sabina’s Ellis featured in Our Ohio


SABINA — Beth Ellis is featured in the July/August issue of Our Ohio magazine, which is hitting the mailboxes of more than200,000 Ohioans this week.

In the article, Ellis describes the transformation from working at a community hospital to helping run her family’s unique 640-acre hunting preserve and farm near Wilmington.

“You have to be an accountant, marketer, Web page manager, cook, peacekeeper, point of sale specialist, naturalist, human resources expert. I was trained to stick needles in people; I didn’t know how to do this stuff,” said Ellis.

To get the full story, visit, the magazine’s website, providing expert information on topics such as Ohio gardening, cooking, community involvement, and where to buy Ohio farm products locally. To receive Our Ohio magazine, sign up to become a Farm Bureau member by calling 888-476-9948 or visiting

Our Ohio is an effort to help further Ohio Farm Bureau’s mission of forging a partnership between farmers and consumers and is supported by Nationwide Insurance.

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