WILMINGTON — Firefighters put out a burning pickup truck that drove to the Wilmington Fire Department after a pyrotechnics display went awry.

There were no injuries, according to WFD Lt. John Walker.

According to a Wilmington Police Department report, officers “could see a large amount of smoke and a ball of fire (headed) towards the F.D.” Friday around 9:17 p.m.

The owner said he forgot to put the bed of the truck down before setting off flames from the back of the truck, according to the police report. When the truck caught on fire, he said to police, he wanted to get it away from the downtown area and drove it towards the fire department.

Walker said only the bed of the truck was on fire and after it was put out the owner was able to drive it home.

Neither the WPD nor the WFD had photos from the incident. The police officers who were on scene were not available for comments Monday.


By Nathan Kraatz

[email protected]