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CLARKSVILLE – Clinton-Massie High School could have a competitive cheer team in the near future.

Ashley Seewer, CMHS’ cheerleading coach, proposed the team to the Clinton-Massie school board Monday night.

“I’ve thought about this for several years,” she said. The idea formed more clearly to Seewer after she attended a cheer camp at Bowling Green State University and then talked to other local schools that have competitive cheerleading teams.

While at BGSU, cheerleaders with CMHS participated in a new competition called Game Day, Seewer said.

“What happens is an announcer will come over and say, ‘OK, there’s a time out on the field,’ and the girls have to quickly position themselves for the time out cheer,” she said.

Seewer said the team had never done anything like that before, but they enjoyed the camp and even won awards for their cheers.

Now, Seewer said she and the girls would like to go to local competitions and try their hand at competitive cheerleading.

After the camp at BGSU, Seewer talked to cheer coaches in Waynesville and East Clinton to find out how those coaches structure their competitive teams.

The high school sponsors Waynesville’s competitive cheer team, while East Clinton’s team is considered a club at the high school.

Seewer said that if Clinton-Massie were to have a competitive cheer team, she believes they will go the club route.

“Because of (Ohio High School Athletic Association) rules, you can’t compete on Sundays,” Seewer said. “That’s why (East Clinton) recommended to us we go the club route.”

Seewer said her plan is to create a club team using girls who are already cheerleaders for CMHS. This team would then compete in competitions around the area.

“It’s a wonderful way for girls to grow,” she said.

The team would just need the support from the school board in order to get started, Seewer said. The girls will not need help from the district for transportation to the competitions, as they will provide their own. The cheerleaders would also pay for the competitions themselves, which is typically $25.

“It’s a wonderful way for girls to grow,” Seewer said.

Another benefit to having a competitive cheerleading team, Seewer said, is getting girls scouted and recognized by colleges. There are a lot of scholarships for girls in competitive cheerleading, she said. Some girls were already being scouted at BGSU.

Seewer said she hopes to have the competitive cheer team start this winter. Typically, the teams go until March, she said.

The school board said it is interested in looking into helping with the team.

“I think it’s great,” said Mike McCarty, board member.

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