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CLARKSVILLE — Three local residents will be running for two open seats on the Clinton-Massie school board this fall.

Candidates running for the two spots are Christopher Harrison, Lynn Deatherage and David Webb.

Harrison, 37, of Harveysburg, is the current vice president of the Clinton-Massie school board and was appointed as VP in August 2014, he said. In addition to the school board, he also serves on the board’s finance, policy/personnel and executive subcommittees.

Harrison’s other experience includes being on Harveysburg Village Council and mayor of Harveysburg.

Harrison said he is running to be on the Clinton-Massie school board again because he enjoys being involved in the community.

“I believe in putting our children’s education first and foremost to allow them to make the most of their future,” he said.

If he is re-elected to the board, Harrison said he wants to focus on keeping the Clinton-Massie district in excellent standing, as assessed by the Ohio Department of Education.

“We have the best students and staff, ones that are willing to go above and beyond,” he said.

To keep the district in excellent standing, Harrison plans on working with the board on curriculum issues the district faces.

“I want to continue to improve our services to every student, from our students with needs to those identified as gifted,” Harrison said. “Providing each student with the opportunity to get the most of their time with us will provide a way to reach their maximum potential.”

Harrison said his family is full of Clinton-Massie students and alumni, including his two children, Connor, in seventh grade, and Jacob, in third grade, as well as his wife and many other family members.

Lynn Deatherage, 50, of Clarksville, is also a Clinton-Massie alumnus and is looking to join the Clinton-Massie school board to help the schools in the district attain more efficiency, she said.

“I have experience to share with the community and understand the role of a board member,” she said.

Past experience includes being on the board from 2002 through 2013, including six years as president.

Deatherage has also been a parent in the school system and, because of that, she has built relationships with many different teachers, principals and coaches throughout the Clinton-Massie community.

If she is elected, Deatherage said she will listen to the needs of the community and learn what the community wants before acting.

“School challenges do not begin overnight, and cannot be solved instantly,” she said.

Deatherage said she has connections to the Statehouse, so if she is elected she plans on passing on to the community how the state budget works so families know what they need to do to make sure Clinton-Massie stays an excellent district.

“Until the local community decides to fund education, program offerings at Clinton-Massie (and all public schools) will continue to shrink,” she said.

Deatherage also pointed out that she is a write-in candidate, so people must spell out her name out if they wish to vote for her.

David Webb, 57, of Wilmington, is also a write-in candidate.

Webb is running for a spot on the board of education to help with financial challenges the district may be facing now or may face in the future, he said.

Webb has previous experience on the Adams Township Board of Trustees, where he served for 28 years. He said he would bring his experiences from serving on that board, and concerns as a taxpayer, to the Clinton-Massie school board.

“I have been a lifelong Clinton-Massie resident and will work hard to bring the best education to Clinton-Massie students to come,” he said.

If he is elected, Webb said he wants to work with the other board members to address the educational and financial issues the Clinton-Massie school district is experiencing.

“I feel that open enrollment and tax issues need to be addressed,” he said.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3.

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Christopher Harrison
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Lynn Deatherage
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David Webb
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Vying for 2 seats

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