Eichelberger great choice for council


Linda Eichelberger is running for Council at Large. Linda has had over 23 years of experience with working with the city. She has accomplished giving us a way of transportation in Wilmington that we never had, the taxi cab service. Linda also wrote the grant for the Homeless Shelter to be started. As a previous mayor stated, “If ever the homeless had an “angel”, it’s certainly this lady!” Linda co-chaired the committee to build the new Municipal Building as it stands today. She wrote many grants to help the community with the Children’s Playground at Denver Williams Memorial Park along with obtaining five grants to get water from Caesar Creek to the Wilmington Water Plant. Linda wrote another grant for the mural in Wilmington. Hugh Heiland nominated Linda for the Outstanding Women In Clinton County, which she received in 2004. Linda is a wonderful, loving, fair and honest woman. She will give it all she has in everything she does always.

Teresa Hayslip


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