A friend of mine told me that where he lives, a sign has to be posted on any property slated for a zoning change. How would you feel if you saw that sign on more than 370 properties in Wilmington. Overwhelmed? The only notice we were given was a classified ad. Is this acceptable?

Well established residents, myself included, are faced with the possibility of businesses popping up all around us. We do not like the idea of looking out our back window to see asphalt, concrete, signs and lights on either side. Whose best interests are being served?

Certainly not those of residents who were planning to retire here!

The council says any problems with the zoning change can be addressed later. However, anything that happens meanwhile is grandfathered in. This is a good idea because …?

I am also wondering how this zoning change will affect my real estate taxes. No one seems to know for sure until it actually happens.

We are asking our fellow residents to help us prevent this. On Nov. 3, please vote no on Ordinance 5218, G1-Gateway Zoning.

Be careful not to miss it; much like the classified ad announcing it, it is very small!

Shelby and Lisa McAllister