CLARKSVILLE — Two Clarksville men are charged in connection with a break-in at Friend’s Backyard Grill in the village.

Alcohol and cigarettes were taken from the West Main Street business’ drive-through. Entry is believed to have been made by prying open a door, said Detective Sergeant R.H. Gates of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office.

Matthew Shane Addison, 22, and Kyler Roak Linville, 18, each were charged with breaking-and-entering, theft, and with possessing criminal tools. All three charges are fifth-degree level felony offenses.

The break-in occurred at the business early Monday morning, July 25. A neighbor saw that the sliding glass door on the drive-through was standing open, reported Gates.

The two suspects were charged on the same day the break-in occurred.

“They were cooperative with us, worked with us, in trying to give back as much of the stolen property as they could,” Gates said Friday.

Packs of cigarettes were taken off racks, and 24- and 12-packs of beer and other alcohol were removed from the coolers in the drive-through.

The sheriff’s office recovered 19 packs of cigarettes, plus five or six packs of alcoholic beverages, said Gates.

A person associated with the business estimated $1,500 to $2,000 worth of alcohol and cigarettes were taken.

About an hour before the two suspects allegedly broke into the Clarksville business, Addison and Linville were in Midland, allegedly causing damage to a car, said Gates.

Each were charged with criminal damaging for the alleged Midland incident. That charge is a first-degree misdemeanor.

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By Gary Huffenberger

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