Pedestrian and bicycle safety


Many weeks I have ideas for a weekly article well in hand. Other weeks my inspiration comes from great citizens who send in their comments.

One of our fine citizens lives on a state route where sidewalks don’t exist and asked about making that my weekly column.

This year we have had a few bicyclists hit by cars. Bicyclists should be traveling on the road going the same direction as the motoring public. If you encounter a bicyclist and opt to pass them, please give them three feet as you pass. This allows for your mirrors to clear the bicyclist.

If you are bicycling in the city, be sure at night you have lights on the bike and that you are traveling the same direction as traffic flows.

Pedestrian safety is another issue. In some of the areas of the city that are farthest from the downtown, sidewalks don’t exist. In this case, those walking on the roadway need to walk facing traffic.

Over the last few years we have seen a steady increase in the amount of joggers, walkers and bicyclists using the roadways, bike trails and sidewalks. We are fortunate to have a great community where citizens want to walk or jog and enjoy the bike trails.

However, this also increases the odds for accidents to happen with those that walk, jog or ride their bike. As always, be safe and watch for vehicles.

Duane Weyand is Wilmington Chief of Police.

Duane Weyand

Wilmington Chief of Police

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