Board of elections needs poll workers


WILMINGTON — The Clinton County Board of Elections is seeking poll workers to work the upcoming Nov. 8 Presidential Election.

As with most county election boards in Ohio, the board is a struggling to find enough workers for Election Day.

“In addition to the number of poll workers we normally recruit each election, we need an additional three poll workers at each of the ten polling locations where we have more than one precinct to satisfy a new requirement mandated by Ohio Secretary of State,” said Shane C. Breckel, Clinton County Board of Elections Director. “We want to get the word out now so we can hopefully get all of our positions filled, including alternates, before the start of early voting in October.”

Those interested in serving as a poll worker should contact the Board of Elections by phone at 937-382-3537 or by email at [email protected]. The current need is for both Democratic and Republican poll workers.

“All elections are important, but the upcoming Presidential Election could have a higher turn-out than we’ve seen in the last two election cycles,” said Breckel. “Having proper staffing at our polling locations will be essential to a successful election, so the service these workers provide make them the most valuable resource in our election day operations. I can’t stress that enough.”

Poll workers can expect to receive compensation ranging from $101.50 to $146.50, depending on the position they are assigned. All poll workers must attend a mandatory training prior to election day and are compensated an additional $15.00 for the training.

“Being a poll worker is an excellent way to serve your community, and with all eyes on Ohio again for the Presidential Election, our poll workers will be the faces on the frontline,” said Breckel. “We hope to see some new faces to help us on November 8th.”

For more information on serving as a poll worker, please contact Joy Ames, Poll Worker Coordinator, by phone at 937-382-3537 or by email at [email protected]. Information can also be found on the Board’s website at

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