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Every person I have ever met seems to have a bad habit to break, or a hurt to heal from, or a hang-up to work through.

On one hand, bad decisions left unchecked or unchanged tend to take over our lives. These habits spiral downward toward more damage and more pain.

On the other hand, making healthy lifestyles choices lead upward toward joy and peace.

Anyone in our community can find health by participating in Clinton County Recovery Friday night options. Those options include gatherings of Celebrate Recovery, Divorce Care, and Financial Freedom.

First, Celebrate Recovery provides steps that lead toward spiritual health and joy. The word “recovery” often makes people think of addiction, but Celebrate Recovery brings people together who desire healthy change. These changes can include those with addictions but C.R. also includes people dealing with denial, friendship problems, forgiveness issues, bad habits, or hang ups.

If we learn to replace these bad habits or decisions with good decisions and habits we start a healing process that lasts a lifetime.

Second, Divorce Care allows hurting people to work through the pain of divorce. Divorce Care brings people together who want to arrive on the other side of divorce with restored health.

The loss that accompanies divorce always leads to pain, but divorce healing happens when we work together in community toward peace. If we learn to forgive and learn to develop healthy relationships we can actually be in relationships that help us grow instead of hurting us.

Finally, Financial Freedom helps people learn healthy spending habits and reveals steps that lead out of debt. Financial Freedom brings people together who crave the ability to make correct money decisions. Learning correct money principles with others leads to less money induced stress, and more opportunities to be generous.

Wilmington Church of Christ on Locust Street hosts Clinton County Recovery on Friday nights. The gatherings start at 7 p.m., but those who show up early also have the opportunity to eat with others who are seeking hope and health.

Opportunities in Wilmington to break bad habits and replace them with good ones are all around. But if you would like to work through your bad habits and hang-ups and learn to live a healthy lifestyle with others, you will find the changes you want to make faster by participating in these Friday night options of Celebrate Recovery, Divorce Care, or Financial Freedom.

For more information please call 937-382-0904 and ask about Celebrate Recovery.

Dale McCamish is Senior Minister at Wilmington Church of Christ.

Dale McCamish

Contributing columnist

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