CMHS honors students of the month


Clinton-Massie High School has named its Students of the Month for September.

Please help us congratulate and recognize our students of the month for September! We are so proud of your accomplishments.

Freshmen: Landree Stump and Avden Faucett

Sophomores: Abbie Lee and Joe Cody

Juniors: Lili Mullis and Austin Vonderhaar

Seniors: Makayla Christiansen and Reuben Mobley

Positive Recognitions

CMHS wants to recognize our students for their outstanding behavior and contributions to our school and community. The following students were nominated by staff members:

Caring: Carter Amstutz (Hales), Makayla Christiansen (Morabito), Wyatt Creech (Cornett and Hales), Luke Dickey (Tunnacliffe), Hannah McGladrie (Lindeman), Isabelle Phelps (Phipps), Austin Sauer (Earley), Austin Vonderhaar (Wilkinson), and Cam Williams (Phipps)

Problem Solver: Isabelle Phelps (Morabito)

Respect: Joe Cody (Ryan), Luke Dickey (Ryan), Carter Euton (Fair), India Guisleman (Downing), Johanna VanPelt (Downing), and Delaney Warnock (Fair)

Responsible: Reese Cockerill (Kasten), Richie Federle (Lindeman), Maddox Riehle (Fox), and Layla Schurman (Lindeman)

Willing to Learn: Cole Adams (Fair), Laila Davis (Watts), Noel Gasaway (Watts), Addie Gibson (Watts), Maria Jones (Watts), Isaiah McCoy (Watts), Lauren Myers (Fair), Maddox Riehle (McGraw), Brighton Rodman (Watts), Zoey Sheldon (Watts), Eli Stiverson (Watts), and Miles Theetge (Watts)









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