Anti-protest bill is not the answer


The anti-protest bill proposed by State Rep. Cindy Abrams is disgraceful. The terms of this bill are far too broad and vague. The bill itself infringes on the people’s rights to free speech. You can not hold an individual organizer, or organization accountable for the actions of a few. So long as they were not advocating for or participating in violence, they should not be punished for violence they had no part in.

This is bullying tactics. This is also the type of punishment the Nazis used. In the camps, if one person resisted, fled, or was caught doing something not allowed, all were punished. This was meant to keep people silent and too afraid to act. This is giving the police too much power, and making it so that people will be afraid to speak out or dissent. This is exactly the kind of authoritarian government the U.S. was intended to be the antithesis of.

The founders are rolling in their graves right now. What happened to Republicans wanting “small government”? I also want to state that if this bill were law in D.C. on Jan. 6, 2021, Donald Trump would have been arrested, because the gathering he organized ended in a violent riot that caused a police officer’s death. It wouldn’t have mattered what his intentions were — if this bill had been law in D.C. he would be a terrorist, and in prison.

Please, stop this bill. Violence is not the answer, but neither is this!

Jese Creed


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