Dispose of damaged batteries properly


We recently found some damaged rechargeable lithium ion batteries in our home. These batteries are from things such as cell phones, portable game devices, drones, remote control cars, etc. Signs of damage include noticeable bulging or swelling, cracks, corrosion, leaking, and sometimes burn marks.

These damaged batteries are fire and health hazards. They can leak toxic gasses, and in some cases even explode and start a fire in your home.

Throwing the damaged batteries in the garbage is harmful to the environment and can cause fires during transport. So what to do with them? Multiple calls to local recycling and waste agencies were to no avail because our batteries were damaged.

But thanks to Tom Breckel, Director of the Clinton County Emergency Management Agency, we have our answer. Battery Recyclers of America will properly dispose of them for a fee. Their website is batteryrecyclersofamerica.com. They can also be reached by phone at 800-508-6670. We purchased the 20-lb. recycle kit bucket for $79.

If you find any of these damaged batteries in your home, protect your loved ones, home, and the environment by disposing of them properly!

Cyndi and River Inlow


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