The Wilmington Garden Club met Monday, March 13 at First Christian Church. Club member and Master Gardener Judy Grosvenor presented a program on container gardening.

The container, be it a clay, plastic, or metal, must have a hole for drainage and must be big enough to contain the plant roots. The roots can be cut back if the plant in question is “root bound.” Proper soil is necessary, as is the amount of sunlight required. Plants should never sit in water. Judy also created an arrangement using the “thriller, filler, spiller” method: “Thriller”being a tall plant at the rear of the arrangement; “filler” being the flowers; and “spiller” plant material that bends down around the arrangement.

The meeting was called to order by president Vicki Trapp. Both the secretary and treasurer reports were approved as read. Members were reminded that the Regional Spring Meeting is April 12 in Waynesville at the St. Augustine Catholic Church. Anyone wishing to go can meet at First Christian at 8 a.m. to car-pool.

Judy Stopkotte and Mary Thatcher have volunteered to serve as OAGC co-regional chairpersons following Barbara Myers’s retirement. Hostesses for the meeting were Pat Gilbert and Dian Nadeau who filled the table with St. Patrick’s Day “goodies.” The next meeting will be held on April 10 at First Christian Church. Hostesses will be Linda Compton and Joan Hinman. Since the program for that meeting had to be canceled, Joan and Linda are planning a “surprise”—at this point, a surprise for them as well.