City code enforcement reports


Processes of the Code Enforcement Department: Once a complaint is received, properties with reported violations are handled with an intake form and an inspection is performed at the alleged location. If a complaint is substantiated, an investigation is opened. Property owners and/or Tenants are then contacted via US Mail with a “Notice of Code Violation” to notify them complaint has been made, the nature of the violation(s), and the following actions that need to be taken to resolve the violation(s). The property owner/tenant is also provided with the date that the follow-up inspection will take place and contact information for the Code Enforcement Department if they need more information, or to file an extension. When a case status is “Violation Pending” this means that the property has either received a complaint that has not been investigated, or the property was given a warning and no violations have been opened at that time. Some cases may not be listed as they are still under review/investigation.

If you are requesting information about a case or property, you can submit a records request by phone, email, in writing, or in person to the Code Enforcement Department. All records handled by this department are public record and can accessed with a request.

Potential violations (in Wilmington city limits only) can be submitted via email to [email protected], by phone at 937-382-6509, anonymously online at, or by texting “hi” to 937-884-1588. The Code Enforcement Department does not have jurisdiction over parked vehicles in the roadway. To report parking violations, expired tags, disabled or damaged vehicles parked in the right-of-way, call the Wilmington Police Department on their non-emergency line at 937-382-3833.

Annen Vance Code Enforcement Official, City of Wilmington

March 16-31- Case Activity (Case Number, Case Date, Address, Open Violations and Notes)

Case# 4828, 03/20/2023, 276 W. Locust St, Violations Pending

Case# 4890, 03/22/2023, 407 Howard St, 1729.02(a)(b)- Litter/1143.02- Outdoor Storage/925.09- Garbage to be Placed in Containers, First Notice- Sent

Case# 4775, 02/07/2023, 300 S. South St, 1729.02(a)(b)- Litter/1143.02- Outdoor Storage, Second Notice- Sent

Case #2814, 08/24/2018, 606 Silverado Dr, Status Change- Property Transferred to Clinton County Land Bank

Case# 4780, 02/07/2023, 151 Michigan Ave, 1729.02(a)(b)- Litter/1143.02- Outdoor Storage, Final Notice- Sent

Case# 4833, 03/28/2023, 250 Nelson Ave- Lot 51, 1717.05(a) Plumbing- Water System (Critical)/1717.05(c)-Plumbing- Water System-Supply (Critical), Critical Violation Notice Posted to Property Manager

Case# 4834, 03/30/2023, 238 Burdel Dr, 1729.02(a)(b)- Litter/1143.02- Outdoor Storage, First Notice- Sent

Case# 4835, 03/30/2023, 210 Burdel Dr, 1729.02(a)(b)- Litter, First Notice- Sent

Case# 4836, 03/30/2023, 110 N. Wood St, 1729.02(a)(b)- Litter/1143.02- Outdoor Storage/1709.02(a)-Sanitation, First Notice- Sent

Case# 4837, 03/30/2023, 558 Cross Creek Dr, 1729.02(a)(b)- Litter, First Notice- Sent

March 16-31- Closed Cases (Case Number, Case Date, Address, Closed Violations and Notes)

Case# 4811, 03/02/2023, 80 Woodview Dr, 1729.02(a)(b)- Litter/1709.02(a)- Sanitation/925.07- Containers to be Removed, Closed Case- Resolved by Tenant

Case# 4776, 02/07/2023, 445 Grove St, 1729.02(a)(b)- Litter/1709.02(a)- Sanitation/1143.02- Outdoor Storage, Closed Case- Resolved by Tenant

Case# 4521, 06/27/2022, 98 Newham St, No Current Violations-Sold at Sheriff’s Sale, Closed Case

Case# 3831, 07/28/2020, 772 Mead St, No Current Violations-Sold at Sheriff’s Sale, Closed Case

Case# 4794, 02/10/2023, Alex Dr, 1729.02(a)(b)- Litter/1308.01(k)-Public Nuisance, Closed Case- Resolved by Property Owners

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