WHS tennis picks up first wins of season


WILMINGTON — In a rare tennis tripleheader, Wilmington went 2-1 Wednesday in matches on the WHS courts.

The Hurricane lost to a “very good” Georgetown team 4-1 then defeated Northridge 5-0 and Stivers 4-1.

“Fun tripleheader with lots of great tennis on all courts,” WHS coach Steve Reed said. “A bunch of players got their first-ever varsity wins today, including Toby (Alsip), Dirk (Rinehart), Anthony (Perez) and AJ (Reagan).”

The win over Northridge was the first of the season for the Hurricane, who now stands 2-6.


April 12, 2023

@Wilmington High School

Wilmington 4, Stivers 1


1-Trey Reed def Bailey 8-2

2-Alex Lazic def Carson 8-4

3-AJ Reagan def Hixton 8-1


1-Anthony Perez, Christian Perez were def by Lawrence, Rhynard 0-8

2-Dirk Rinehart, Toby Alsip def Haryn Brooks 8-0

Georgetown 4, Wilmington 1


1-Trey Reed was def by Marks 1-8

2-Alex Lazic def Underwood 8-4

3-Dirk Rinehart was def by Campbell 1-8


1-AJ Reagan, Asher Fudge were def by Galley, Marks 4-8

2-Trey Hagen, Anthony Perez were def by Ellis, Johnson 0-8

Wilmington 5, Northridge 0


1-Trey Reed def White 8-4

2-Alex Lazic def Bolender 8-1

3-Asher Fudge won by forfeit


1-AJ Reagan, Anthony Perez def Jeff, Mike 8-6

2-Trey Hagen, Christian Perez won by forfeit

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